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Comparing some of the different types of equipment used
to treat pain and physical debility:

ULTRASOUND: designed to heat the affected area and agitate very high frequency (100,000 Hz range) which requires the presence of an attendant to avoid tissue damage from the localized heating that occurs

TENS: Simple Acronum for transcutaneous electronic nerve stimulation. Applies electrical stimulatin through the skin to create mirco=tarume to the trau to the body through direct nerve stimulation. This encourages the brain to produce pain-killing chemicals and to promote local activity. TENS also desensitizes the brain to the pain signals, which has to grab anyone's attention. As smeone who did use TENS successfully for more than three years, the writer can definitively suppport this particular concern: sensitivity reduction regarding pain is not necessarily a benefit, for two separate reasons:

1) Reduction of the pain signals specifically causes the brain to be less sensitive to the body's healing needs.

2) Reduction of the brain's sensitivity means less physical awareness of one or more surfaces of one or more body parts, simply meaning that, there are times when an injury such as laceration takes place and you are utterly unaware of it until you actually notice blood. This is not good. Pain is not pleasant to experience on a long-term basis, yet it is vitally important function because it is, in the most literal terms, the human body's alarm system. Pain indicates that attention is required by the specific area of the body which set off the alarm we call "pain."

3) Pain pills: Pain-killing drugs are effective in killing pain. They work in the single most dangerous fashion imaginable: they numb the nerves and the human brain itself. Pain relief comes at the expense of both impaired awareness AND impeded healing. As the pain gets worse and as tolerance to the drug increases, more frequent... and, in the longer term, higher doses are required. Common side effects are reduced physical and mental performance, and, as we all know too well, higher probabilities of addiction, which in itself brings on a slew of additional challenges, and not only physical challenges.

4) Infratonic QGM: infuses the area of pain or injury with very low frequency (7.83 - 13.5 Hz) chaotic sound waves which literally break up the pain and open neural pathways to the brain for enhanced mind-body communication. This releases the body's vital resources for accelerated healing. It is safe enough to use at home without an attendant.

The Infratonic, with its patented new Chaos Delivery System, is extraorindarily efective. While other devices have their uses, none offer the performance, convenience, and safety of the Infratonic QGM.

Completely natural and easy to use, the Infratonic relieves pain with massage action that invigorates the body and attunes the mind.

The result is a superior pain management system that works by improving local circulation and nerve communication from the point of pain to the brain.

The pleansant sonic impulses of the Infratonic are experienced like bubbling water, and treatment is effective whether the transducer is applied directly to the skin, through clothing or casts, or even several inches away from the body. Most will experience a gentle relaxation, while others feel tingling or a pleasnat warmth. The Infratonic is classified by the FDA as a 510(k) Therapeutic Massager. Thousand of Infratonics are in use in doctors offices and clinics throughout the U.S.A. Millions of treatments are provided every years.

The author of this article, in the process of building this web site for Dr. Cohen, has personally observed the difference in how people enter Dr. Cohen's offices in clearly obvious pain, departing a half-hour later with a distinct difference in their comportment. Each and every single patient who has gone through this treatment in the two weeks I've been here building these sites reports definite relief, generally reported with what certainly appears to be heartfelt smiles.

Chronic pain can interefere with all aspects of daily life, as the word "chronic" indicates, which means "persistent or without end. Sleepless nights lead to low energy, irritability, and inability to work. Pain management techniques that work wonders in actue situations often diminish in effectiveness within a few weeks. That's why your doctor utilizes the Infratonic, one of the most important healing technologies in the world today.

While it is hoped that you personally find this site to be educational, it is, ultimately, directed towards those of us who suffer acute, chronic pain. You're invited to call Dr. Cohen's main office number, 718 - 972 - 1616, to book an appointment with this genuinely wonderful machine that provides such extensive pain relief.

It is believed that only one treatment, one treatment(!) will engage a sufficient reduction of your pain that you'll be forever convinced of the value of the advanced technology used by the Infratron. We can only tell you about the pain relief it offers, naturopathic pain relief that requires no drugs, no surgery.

You, in turn, are the only one who can make the call on this decision, which means making the decision to place the call to one of America's most impressive naturopaths, based here in Brooklyn, N.Y., Dr. David Cohen, N.D., Ph.D., M.H., C.N.C.

Welcome to the Psychology of Longevity,
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